The Alumni Connection


The Alumni Connection, the newest creative platform of the University College Alumni Association, is a space for UCU alumni to reflect on life at UC and post UC, to share stories, experiences, and opinions. On this platform, the UCAA invites all alumni – us – to connect and reminisce about the old times, keep each other up to date and try to recreate digitally the camaraderie and sense of community we had at UC.

The Alumni Connection is an initiative fashioned in the spirit of the Post, the former UCAA print magazine. We owe a lot to the Post as our intellectual precedent, and as a source of inspiration. The blog itself is run by three dedicated and somewhat sleepless alumni: Matthijs Maas, class of ’12, Myrte Vos, class of ’12, and Marina Lazëri, class of ’13. Based in various cities around the Netherlands, the three of them have discovered that late nights over Skype are almost as good as late nights in a Wall living room.