The University College Alumni Association (UCAA) exists to maintain a strong connection between University College Utrecht (UCU) and its alumni.

Both the ambitions of the UCAA board and the alumni expectations of the UCU administration have developed over the years. To increase common understanding, this statement aims to address the chief goals of the UCAA. Formally establishing these goals allows us to focus our attention on the means to achieve them.

Structure of the UCAA

The UCAA is an independent foundation with a board consisting of five alumni. The board is in charge of determining and pursuing the ambitions of the UCAA. The UCAA is partially funded by UCU and partially by voluntary donations by alumni.

UCAA’s ambitions

The UCAA’s ambitions can be divided into five categories:

  • Identification – to know who alumni are, what they do, and how to reach them.
  • Bonding – to facilitate ongoing contact between alumni.
  • Involvement – to allow alumni to contribute to UCU, financially or otherwise.
  • Opportunities – to provide alumni with interesting opportunities.
  • Representation – to represent alumni interests before UCU and third parties.


UCAA’s relation to UCU

The UCAA has an ongoing agreement with the UCU administration to serve their interests in exchange for funds and facilities. In addition to many of the aforementioned ambitions, these interests include the following:

  • Ambassadors – to show the success of UCU education by example of alumni.
  • Student interests – to facilitate contact between current students and alumni.

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